Corel Paint Shop Pro X 


     * Woman tube

    * Flower garden

    * Margaret

    * Mask


    Plugins filtre:

    * MuRa's Maister-Cloud

    *Eye Candy4000-Shadowlab

    *FM Tile Tools

    *Andrew's Filters30



    New Transparent


    Color Palette

    Effects-MuRa's Meister-Cloud


    Layers-New Layers


    Layers-Load /Save Mask/-Load Mask from disk

    Layers-Merge-Merge Group

    Effects-User Defined Filter-Emboss3

    Effects-Eye Candy4000-Shadowlab



    Open Flower garden picture


    Open mask picture-Edit-Paste As New Layer

    Picture of the mask is placed in the middle of picture /A mask kozepebe illeszd a kepet/

    Open Pick tool

    Flower garden middle pic



    Open Eraser tool size 150/Radirozd allitsd 150-re/



    Now looks like this/Most igy nez ki/



    Flower garden pic-Adjust-Sharpness-Sharpen

    Effects/ Plugins/ FM Tile Tools - Saturation Emboss – Default

    Adjust-Brightness and Contrast-Brightness Contrast



    Open Margaret picture


    Edit-Paste As New layer

    Pull to the left/Huzd baloldalra a kep szerint/



    Asjust-Sharpness-Sharpen More

    Effects-Eye Candy4000-Shadowlab


    Layers-Arrange-Move Down

    Layers-Blend Mode-Multiply click

    Raster3 close./Zard be a szemet/

    It now looks like a shadow is set./Most igy nez ki ez is egy arnyekolasi modszer/

    Tool used to pick the top right corner setting used./Pick tool hasznald a beallitasra jobb felso sarkot huzd kisse kijebb/

    Open your eyes and stay in the shadow of the shadow layer and check drop./Nyisd ki a szemet es maradj az arnyek retegen es ellenorizd az arnyek eseset/



    Effects-Filters Unlimited-Andrew's Filters30-CheapVideo Trick


    Open woman tube

    Edit-Copy-Edit-Paste As New Layer

    Pull to the right and adjust the ladies into the image and use the Pick tool./Huzd a holgyet jobbra es igazítsd be a kepre es hasznald a pick tool/ 



    Do the same method as for shading the flower./Ugyanezt a modszert vegezd el mint a virag arnyekolasnal/

    Layers-Merge-Merge Visible


    Thank you!/Koszonom!

















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